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2021 Will Be Another Big Year for Grooming

In 2020, grooming became an even more important part of our everyday routines. Why? Heightened interest in self care, the availability of more and ...

In 2020, grooming became an even more important part of our everyday routines. Why? Heightened interest in self care, the availability of more and better products and - you guessed it - the pandemic played a huge role. 

More specifically, the shift to remote work and endless hours on Zoom. Being on video, and seeing ourselves reflected back more than ever before, has invited us to scrutinize our own experience. And while rules about what’s “work” appropriate have become more relaxed (what’s a tie, again?), it’s made us acutely aware of what we put, quite literally, face forward. 

And it’s not likely to change. Even with vaccine rollouts and the hope of eventual normalcy, the ways we work and interact have changed forever - meaning more video conferencing, and better technology to deliver even sharper imagery and easier connections wherever we are. You could argue we’ve officially entered an era of continuous facetime, albeit virtually. And as video becomes - and stays - king, grooming is going to be more important than ever.  

But don’t just take our word for it. The latest market report says that the men’s personal care market is poised to grow to 75.8B by 2027 - that’s a 6% CAGR over the next six years. What’s more is that when you look at what specific products are poised for the most growth, it’s grooming that stands out. Spend on mid-range and premium products in this category is expected to be the biggest as consumers put a greater emphasis on better gear and solutions that deliver better results.

Taking a deeper look at the report, it’s not just what they’re buying, but how they’re shopping. In 2019, e-commerce emerged as the most dominant distribution channel and is expected to remain just as popular. We can undoubtedly thank the pandemic again for this trend. Shopping from the comforts of our homes and relying on delivery to limit contact will continue to be a priority for many consumers. However, as businesses begin to re-open, brick and mortar is sure to see a resurgence, as people are eager to try products in-person before committing to a purchase. Take the SL5 for example - we make it easy to order right online, but know it’s also something that looks great on a shelf, and really shines when you see and hold it. 

At Shavelogic, we’ve always known grooming, and a good shave in particular, was important - it’s in our roots - and we’re excited to see the marketplace reflect this idea. One could argue the number of recent entrants into the men’s personal care space is also a signal of its growing importance. But more doesn’t always mean better - which is why we felt compelled to build the SL5. The more you prioritize an experience, the better it should be - and that’s what the SL5 delivers. 

We’ve made it easy, too. We offer a money-back guarantee, back our game-changing, all-metal handle with a lifetime warranty and can deliver the best shave of your life right to your door. 

We know the importance of looking and feeling your best, so if you’re looking to up your grooming game in 2021 and beyond, we’ve got you. Try out the SL5 and find out for yourself.