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4 Ways Our All-Metal Handle Helps You Get a Better Shave

When you first pick up your SL5 razor, you may notice the heft of the handle. That’s entirely on purpose. Metal handles don’t just look great in yo...

When you first pick up your SL5 razor, you may notice the heft of the handle. That’s entirely on purpose. Metal handles don’t just look great in your hand, feel great as you shave, and last a long time - they help deliver a superior shave. Yes, that’s right - it’s not just the blade that makes the shave. That’s one of the key insights we had in developing our razor, a realization that the overall industry in our view has walked away from, bit by bit, over the last several decades. In fact, while you may not be used to an all-metal handle in your modern cartridge razor, they used to be standard in wet shaving razors for good reason. 

When designing our handle, we wanted to embrace the high quality of those old-style razors, but marry it with cutting-edge shaving technology to create a new, best-of-all-worlds tool. So how exactly does this help you get a better shave? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

1. Built to Last

When building the SL5, we chose to return to all-metal construction to give our customers a durable everyday tool, versus something that might look fancy, but feel disposable. Instead of plastic, we use precision-metal casting techniques to create a base of zinc alloy with high-quality chromium plate finishes. These metals wear extremely well, so you can use your SL5 for a lifetime of shaves.

We also invented an industry-first magnetic attachment mechanism to eliminate any moving parts from the handle - creating a genuine “solid state” experience, (for more on the magnet, check out our recent blog). 

2. Better Shaving, Engineered

Vintage metal handles had one real flaw: they could be too heavy, making shaving impressive, but basically awkward. But that doesn’t have to be the case, and with a little modern technological innovation - it isn’t. For the SL5, to find the “right” weight, we used multi-piece hollow body construction to engineer a volumetric ergonomic shape that prevents the handle from carrying too much weight. It packs a punch, without the pounds so to speak. 

We also specially oriented the head of the handle to help counteract the force a person exerts while shaving, which in turn helps keep the cartridge snug and secure. Better engineering means not worrying about a messy or chaotic shave, and trusting the razor will get the job done.

3. Precision Ergonomics

It’s not just about how a razor is constructed, but also how someone can use it. We crafted our handle to optimize how the inertia and balance work together, to give you ultimate control over your shave (and your face), creating the feel of a precision instrument in your hands. Our handle’s ergonomic shape also enables a fluid gripping transition as you maneuver across your face.

For an added touch of safety, we strategically placed gripping ridges on the body of the handle to give you a secure hold, even when wet (looking at you, shower shavers).

4. Designed with Purpose

First and foremost, a razor should do its job - giving you a great shave - flawlessly. But it should also look good doing it. That’s why we kept style, in addition to substance, in mind when designing the SL5. Our mantra? “Makers, not marketers.”

That’s why the SL5 looks like a solid bar of metal - something you’d put in a bank vault, not just on a random shelf (although of course a random shelf is just great, if that’s what’s in your bathroom.) From the top down, the SL5’s handle has a clean trapezoidal profile, with lines that convey simplicity. From the side, the SL5’s handle is fluid and organic, to provide optimal ergonomics for the widest range of hand sizes and grips - from grabbing it at the tail, to holding securely from the sides. Why? Because everyone deserves an awesome shave, no matter how they hold their razor.

The Bottom Line

People may think of blades when they envision a razor, but handles are just as important. It’s the part you hold and see every day, and guides your experience. With something so integral to our daily routines, why settle for a tool that won’t last? We certainly didn’t want to. That’s why we designed our all-metal handle, and engineered it to perfection. It’s elegant craftsmanship you can see and feel, with the precision and flexibility to get the job done well, every time. And it’s yours, for life.