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A Checklist for the Best Shave of Your Life

We think our razor speaks for itself. You can take the SL5 out of the box, and shave the way you always do. And the razor will work better, as well...

We think our razor speaks for itself. You can take the SL5 out of the box, and shave the way you always do. And the razor will work better, as well as differently, than you expect. 

Many of our razor users want this kind of forgettable experience - a shave that just works. Something quick, easy, with no cuts or nicks, and then you’re on with your day. But others? Others have always struggled with achieving that good experience. And because we’re makers and not marketers at Shavelogic, and we built a better tool, we recognize there are customers out there who want to know how to get the most out of the high-precision gear we've created.

If you're one of those customers, this blog is for you. We're giving you the equivalent of a pre-flight checklist. 

Now, we are not comparing our razor to a fighter jet. That's the kind of branding hyperbole we think is just...overdone. We're saying that we have an engineering-driven culture. Engineers are precision people. Like pilots, surgeons, and even race-car drivers. All those professions are glamorous, but for us, they matter only because they all use checklists to enhance performance. 

Having a checklist is the best way to guarantee that you truly can forget about the shave as you do it, because you'll know that you HAVEN'T forgotten anything that matters to a great shave. So, here’s our SL5 checklist:

1. Density and Direction

Yes, you know your face. But do you really know how long the hair is and which direction it grows? Do a quick check with your fingertips, especially on your neck, before starting anything else. It’ll set your expectations for the shave and also give you a baseline for feeling your face at the end of the shave. 

2. Water

It’s readily available, but absolutely necessary. Dry shaving is possible, but best left as a party trick in humid climates. Facial hair can have the tensile strength of copper. For the best shave, it’s got to be soaked - not just spritzed.

3. Heat

This can be a third step, or part of the second. You can wet your face and then soak it with a hot towel, for instance. Or you can shower - in a hot shower, Wim Hof-method folks - first. The point is, you won’t soften your hair optimally without both hydration and heat.

4. Cleanser

Your face should be clean - not oily, dirty, or otherwise. And we’d recommend a mild cleanser here vs. a harsh hand soap-style detergent.

5. Lather

Now it’s time to pick up your pre-shave product.  Shaver’s choice here: it can be a cream, gel, or an older-school soap specifically for shaving. The point is to create a layer of lubrication, on clean skin where the hair has been soaked and heated. This will minimize any irritation (though the SL5 is designed to do this as well). 

6. Shave #1

Shave with the grain, and let the razor do the work. It should feel like you’re pulling the blade with each stroke, not pushing it into your skin. A handle with some heft, like the SL5’s all-metal one, will help you remember you’ve got a precision tool on your side.

7. Rinse Your Gear

Water is key not just to your face, but also the razor, especially if you have used it a few times. Rinse the hair and gel/cream out between strokes and definitely before Step 8.

8. Shave #2

For an even closer shave, take a second pass across the grain. This is a useful technique if it’s been a while since your last shave, or if you don’t have super-sensitive skin. Either way, don’t push hard here.

9. Rinse Your Face, Repeat

Seems obvious, but it’s important. Rinse your face. First with hot water to clear the shave cream, then with cold water to close your pores.

10. Moisturizer

You need one. You just exfoliated, after all. To avoid the dreaded post-shave sting, skip the alcohol-driven aftershaves and opt for something with witch hazel instead.

There’s your ten-step list, for best use of the SL5.