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Face-Forward: The Future of Facial Hair in 2021

Now, with the new year just around the corner (finally), we’re wondering: what facial hair trends will guys embrace in 2021?

This past year, men have experimented with their grooming styles more than ever thanks to quarantine, relaxed work-from-home atmospheres, and more. So much so that a few weeks back, we wrote about popular facial hair trends and how they came to be to offer some inspiration. Now, with the new year just around the corner (finally), we’re wondering: what facial hair trends will guys embrace in 2021? We don’t think anyone could have predicted what would become of 2020, but knowing what we know now, we’re taking a stab at what 2021 will bring and how men will continue defying grooming conventions. 

So, if you’re looking to mix up your look for the new year, or just want to be in-the-know about future facial hair design trends, this blog is for you. Here are our best guesses for what facial hairstyles will make the “fashionable” cut in 2021:

Bye-Bye Beard

Beards were all the rage in 2020 as men were stuck at home, unable to make trips to the barber. #Coronabeard even started trending last spring. But 2021 may be a different story. With vaccines on the horizon, normal activities and trips to the office may return. But, even after that happens, it’s likely masks will remain commonplace for some time.

What does this mean for facial hair? We bet the end of the Age of Corona Beards. Why? Beards make it more difficult to get a tight seal on a mask. While this might not matter when all you need a mask for is a stroll around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the supermarket, correctly fitted PPE will become more important as regular activities and work resume.

Just take a look at national ski patrols. A group notorious for their gnarly beards have been asked to shave them for ski season to ensure they get the proper fit on their now-required N95s. This could mark just the beginning of work-related PPE requirements like this - and therefore the end of big beards. Plus, who isn’t excited to shed all remnants of the mess we call 2020 and get a fresh start this January? We know we are.

Mustache Moment

Even if men shed their beards to accommodate masks, going clean shaven may be too big of a change and they may lean into styles that allow them to keep some of their whiskers. One mask-friendly option? The mustache.

In 2021, we suspect growing a mustache won’t just be a Movember thing. Mustaches come in all shapes and sizes, most of which fit nicely under our ever-present masks, so you can choose the style that works best for you and meet Covid requirements. If you want something low-profile that won’t get in the way of eating, maybe a “Pencil” mustache is the way to go. If you’re looking to make a bigger, bolder statement, a 70s-inspired “Horseshoe” might be for you (Hulk Hogan, anyone?).

The best part about mustaches? No two are the same. Every guy’s whiskers grow differently, which gives you the chance to explore your own signature style. Just think about how many mustache varieties are named after the men who rocked them (the Dalí and the Freddie Mercury are two iconic examples). Whatever mustache style you choose, wear it with confidence, knowing it’s totally one-of-a-kind.

How to Get the Look

Only time will tell what facial hair trends will surge in 2021. But, there’s one thing we know for sure: putting a premium on self-care and taking care of ourselves will continue. A lot of that happens in the quiet minutes of our daily rituals, and when we’re experimenting with our grooming habits - having superior gear to do it is key.

This is why we made the SL5 - to make shaving an experience, not just a task. We removed unnecessary gadgetry and plastic, and replaced them with a rare earth magnetic attachment and all-metal handle, to give you the control, precision, and confidence that your razor will deliver an incredible shave, every time. Whether that means continuing the same routine you’ve had for 20 years, or experimenting with something new, is totally up to you. But you deserve the best tools to do it.

Using your SL5 to try a new facial hairstyle on for size in 2021? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram, or send us a tweet. We’d love to see how you choose to defy grooming convention.