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From Zooming to Grooming: Why Shaving is More Important than Ever

If you’re going to focus more time on shaving, it should be with a razor that gives you the best experience. 

Grooming has been getting a lot of attention as of late. With lockdowns, remote work, and hours on Zoom, we’ve had more time to not only experiment with our style, but find opportunities within our daily routines to take better care of ourselves. As a result, the ole razor is getting quite the workout. But is what you use cutting it (literally and figuratively)? If you’re going to focus more time on shaving, it should be with a razor that gives you the best experience.   

Trust us, we get it. Grooming can be both a form of self-care and a means for us to express ourselves. And now? You could argue that shaving is going from a “must do” to a “want to do”. That’s why having a razor that works well and feels good to use is so important.

The idea of self-care, and using products that make consumers feel good, has been gaining traction. In fact, the male personal care market is poised to grow to $166 billion in just two years. That’s a lot of consumer dollars telling us that men are putting a serious priority on “me time” - everything from hair and skin care, to fitness, to - you guessed it - shaving. Men want to look and feel their best, better products to take care of themselves with and, perhaps, find some quiet moments within their daily rituals. 

Imagine you shave every day, and actually have a razor that makes it enjoyable. It could be those few minutes to escape the worries of the day - away from conference calls, virtual learning or too much couch time - to do something that makes you feel better about yourself. Oftentimes, we think of pampering as something we do physically to take care of ourselves - a massage, a steam, a haircut. So why should consumers have to compromise on self-care when it comes to shaving, something we do every day?

Additionally, because we’re spending more time at home thanks to the current conditions, we have more time to mull over our appearance in the mirror and consider a change. Why? Because, we’ve got more time to change up our looks. Maybe you’ve had a beard forever and wanted to go the clean-shaven route, or never felt you could grow a beard to rock in the workplace - but with the office now being the living room, more men did exactly that. In fact, over the course of quarantine, the hashtag #coronabeard blew up Twitter and Instagram, with even celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, as guys got creative with growing out their facial hair, and then found fun ways to groom it. True, the hashtag may have come and gone, but all of the change ups that have happened in quarantine are signaling a very important truth - people were searching for something more when it comes to grooming, and it was time they had the best tool to do it.  

All’s to say, for these few precious minutes we can escape the crazy, we should, and we should have the best gear to do it - so a simple act like grooming can be a rewarding experience.

A good shave, a truly mature and quality one, is for anyone that needs it. Maybe it’s getting polished for a first date, cleaning up for a big presentation over Zoom or taking control of the changes that come with age or lifestyle - no matter the many reasons why a good shave should matter, it simply does

We know it’s a weird time, but we can make it less weird and maybe more fun. At Shavelogic, that’s all we’re trying to do - take something as ordinary as shaving, and elevate it to something that we do to slow down and take a few minutes for ourselves to look and feel good. 

Here at Shavelogic, we take everyday things that most people may never look past the surface of, like, say, razor design, and defy them. It’s a way of thinking that has helped us develop better gear for a better shave, and defy the industry. It’s the Shavelogic way, and we invite you to build some defiance into your life - defy your style, your days and the odds.