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How to Grip Your Razor For an Even Better Shave

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the SL5 delivers a shave that speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a razor that just works - no ni...

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the SL5 delivers a shave that speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a razor that just works - no nicks, no cuts, no problem - then the SL5 is for you. But, we’re also big shaving geeks here at Shavelogic, constantly on the hunt for ways to deliver an even better grooming experience - for you, and for ourselves.

There are plenty of elements that can improve shaving performance beyond having an excellent razor. Water temperature, preparation, and auxiliary products all play a role (for a no-fuss checklist of stuff that matters, check out our recent blog). 

Another thing that can affect your shave? How you hold your razor. We asked Shavelogic’s Master Barber, Adam Keith, to reveal which grips are best for which shaving strokes, and why, to help you (and us) get the most out of the SL5.

The Side Grasp

This is the ideal way to hold your razor for the majority of your shave. The Side Grasp consists of clamping your razor in between the pads of your thumb and other four fingers (if you need a visual, see the illustration up top). Humans don’t have much stealth or strength in our fingers individually, so it’s important to hold any barber tool using all our fingers to get maximum stability. More stability means less overcompensating by pushing or pressing too hard - which limits the razor’s ability to counter obstacles in its path. 

The Tail Grab

Tail grabs are best for upstrokes. To hold your razor in the Tail Grab position, anchor it between your index and third finger and place your thumb centered on the base for balance. Upstrokes, or shaving against the grain, provide a super close shave, so make sure to be gentle here. Let the razor do the work. You’re simply guiding it along. 

The Finger Pointer 

This grip is great for all those spots that require real precision, like detail work or “edging” facial hair design. To achieve the Finger Pointer, hold your razor between your thumb and third finger, placing your index finger on top. There’s some variability with this one: some people place their index finger further back on the handle, right behind the head of the razor, while others rest their index finger farther forward, almost directly over the cartridge. This second variation is especially useful when shaving under their nose, but either grip variation will help deliver a super-precise shave in those hard-to-reach spots.

Get Your Grip

No matter which shaving grip you favor, you’ll probably use multiple over the course of your shave. We built the SL5 with this in mind, focusing on the dimensions and cross-sectional feel of the handle, attachment, and cartridge to enable easy transitions between a wide variety of precision grips. So, tackle your daily grooming rituals with confidence, knowing that however you choose to shave, the SL5 is working in your favor.