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Our Launch

Shaving, even with the very best products on the market, just wasn’t good enough for us. 

We’re Shavelogic. This is our blog. And today is the day – after more than a decade of sweat and tears – that we’re launching a shaving experience like no other, with razor gear like you’ve never seen.

Shaving, even with the very best products on the market, just wasn’t good enough for us. 

We felt that real innovation and meaningful design had disappeared. So we started our own business and assembled the best industrial design, engineering and manufacturing team in the world. We gave them a blank sheet of paper, and raised $40 million. 

We weren’t interested in settling for shaving as it is: a task, defined by compromise. We wanted to make timeless gear, for a painless daily ritual. 

Our team delivered by bringing craftsmanship back to razor building. 

When you use the SL5, you’ll see what we mean.

Our meticulously aligned blades ride on a patented elastomer suspension to provide a smooth, comfortable shave.

The cartridges benefit from a new kind of connector, unique to Shavelogic: a powerful magnet that joins and aligns cutting, pivoting and handling. This is a secure connection. No wobble, no rattle, supremely intuitive. Extra cartridges come in a re-usable, sleek stainless-steel box – because we believe in housing, not just packaging.

The handle itself offers luxurious tooling, balance and beauty like nothing else that’s ever been on the mass market. We challenge you to find cooler, more substantive grooming gear. Ergonomically designed for peak control and precision, each ridged, solid zinc and chromium SL5 handle informs every stroke with guaranteed-for-life handicraft. 

To bring you this gear and the shave it offers, we had to file and secure over 100 patents. So we did. 

We had to spend years inventing not just the gear, but also designing machines to assemble it. So we did. 

In short, we had to defy conventional shave thinking, and incredible odds. So we did. 

The result? A shave, patented shaving gear and a grooming experience that the rest of the industry can’t offer.

Yes, there are some great shaving brands out there. But at Shavelogic, we’re makers, not marketers. 

We’re not here to make you laugh, tell you you’re beautiful, or claim our product makes you cool. We’re here to give you the best shave in the world with the last razor you’ll ever want.

We believe that it’s your face, not ours. We believe in performance, not compromise. And we believe in giving everyone a choice based on quality, not just price.

This is our story. Shaving is our business. And razors are our product. We’re over a decade old, and we’re just getting started.