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The New Classic: A Look at the SL5’s Design Inspiration

Why do classic sports cars still appeal to people after all of these years? It seems like the older these cars get, the more their craftsmanship, q...

Why do classic sports cars still appeal to people after all of these years? It seems like the older these cars get, the more their craftsmanship, quality, and elegant designs are celebrated. Simply put, they’re timeless. Maybe that’s why collectors are paying premium prices for classic Porsches, Bugattis, and Ferraris. In fact, just this fall, a Bugatti sold at auction for an eye popping $12.68 million. It’s the old adage - you get what you pay for. 

Our SL5 was built with a designer’s eye and an engineer’s standard of excellence, which you can read more about here. But how did we arrive there? Our designers were inspired by these timeless classic cars, because in racing, like in shaving, all the pieces of machinery have to work together in perfect harmony to be effective. 

So, we looked to the age-defiant lines of the original Porsche 911 and the bold yet refined stance of Ferrari classics like the 365 GTB4 and the Testarossa - cars that married style with performance. Precision instruments that defied expectations, and looked good doing it. No BS - every part has a purpose. 

The SL5 is the same. Here’s how our design team took automotive cues to create the razor that the industry couldn’t:

1. Retro-Futuristic

When one thinks of a razor, they might go directly to blades - and consider the handle an afterthought. Not us. When designing the SL5’s handle, we kept returning to a simple but powerful idea: retro-futuristic. What does that mean, exactly? To us, it meant returning to craftsmanship with an eye for future-thinking technology. For inspiration, we looked to the 1957 Corvette and the sleek lines of the Bugatti Veyron, and the spirit of their technological breakthroughs (the Corvette introduced Ramjet fuel injections, while the Veyron became the world’s first hyper sports car).

Propelled by this idea, our precision ergonomic handle was born. The first of its kind, we crafted our solid state all-metal handle out of zinc and chromium, and guaranteed it for life. Why? Because we believe the optimal control and maneuverability our handle provides will outperform and outlast any other option, while showcasing high design - just like a classic ‘57 Corvette or a Veyron.

2. A Pop of Color

When it comes to sports cars, color has meaning. A custom coat of paint says something about the driver, and a bright hue will draw the eye to key features. In the case of the Porsche 911, red Brembo calipers popped against the black and silver metal of the car’s body, and signaled larger, more powerful brakes. In the case of the SL5, the cartridge sits on top of a bright blue base, drawing attention to our cutting-edge elastomeric suspension.

3. Elements of True Performance

A classic car’s quality - and in our opinion, a razor’s quality - is defined by the idea that every feature exists to drive precision performance. We let this definition guide us as we designed each element of the SL5. We even correlated different pieces of our shaving system to different performance elements of sports cars. Just take our pivot system: we designed it with a powerful shock absorber in mind. In a sports car (or any car, really), the suspension cushions the vehicle from bumps and grooves in the road. Similarly, our pivot system includes an elastomeric suspension that absorbs any “shocks” caused by facial irregularities, keeping the blades flat on your face at all times to produce a super smooth shave.

4. Gearing Up

Nothing spells optimal performance in a classic sports car like putting it into gear. A quality transmission (AKA the gearbox) helps transfer engine power to the driveshaft. We designed our magnetic attachment in kind: The SL5’s rare-earth magnet intuitively connects your handle to your cartridge, allowing you to transfer the power of a perfect shave from your hand, through your SL5, directly to your face.

So, what do classic cars and a cutting-edge SL5 razor have in common? As you’ve now seen, quite a bit. And as we continue to innovate, we’ll continue to let these classic sports cars inspire us. Why? Because we believe a better shave doesn’t come from a better marketing campaign - it comes from an impeccably designed, thoughtfully engineered piece of technology. And that’s just what we’ve made: a razor built to last.

So go on - take the SL5 for a spin. 

Note: Shavelogic is not affiliated with any automobile manufacturers and that the images of the cars in the drawing above are fanciful depictions of sports cars and are not intended to represent any particular sports car.