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A Better Shave

At Shavelogic, meeting our own standards often leaves us knee-deep in innovations. That’s because our razors are created with a painstaking process that involves engineers, product designers, and material scientists. It’s why we like to say, “Tomorrow’s not just another shave but a chance to improve shaving.”

Crazy smooth meets ridiculously capable

Our 5-in-3 blade spacing combined with an elastomeric pivoting suspension system keeps the cartridge tracking closely over the contours of your face, head, neck, legs – wherever you want to shave. This thoughtfully designed technology works in unison, creating a complete shaving system that maneuvers beautifully over the skin and in hard-to-reach places – reducing nicks, cuts, and reasons to shave with anything else.

The proof is in the patents

More than 11 years of sketching, tinkering, testing, perfecting, and crafting produced the SL5 from Shavelogic, a razor with such an incredible array of technology that it became a favorite among patent attorneys, with over 100 exclusive company rights. From the blade positioning, suspension system, and magnetic attachment all the way down to our solid metal handles, it’s all come together to deliver the best shave of your life. Guaranteed or your money back.


Stroke of genius

Our industry-first magnetic attachment announces itself with a satisfying click, creating a solid mechanical engagement between the cartridge and our all-metal handle and producing a more precise, sturdy, and effective shaving instrument. Because it’s free of excessive parts or pieces, it won’t wear out over time.

Hands-on Design

We held a lot of prototypes until we got the weight, feel, and balance just right. Composed of chromium and zinc, our sturdy all-metal handles with unparalleled levels of rigidity and strength provide a feel you just can’t get from plastic. Fine-tuned so you don’t have to push or pull too hard, the weight of the razor does the work for you. The best part is our promise – a handle guaranteed for life.